There’s nothing worse and potentially damaging than a leaking roof or gutter. Plumbers Queensland are leak detection specialists who can provide long-term solutions rather than short-term fixes.

Locating roof leaks can be difficult, especially for inexperienced tradesmen. Roof leaks can occur in one spot and travel along a batten or truss and drop onto the ceiling meters away. Once the roof leak has been located the temptation for many is to “bog up” the problem with silicone, this method will only be a temporary solution

Gutters should not hold water, this is an indication that the downpipes are blocked or the gutter does not fall to the downpipes. If this is left for the long term it causes the gutter to rust through. In the event that the gutter needs replacing, the brackets must be removed and re-lined

  • Plumbers Queensland have qualified staff, who are able to replace or repair any section of your roof or guttering as required
  • We are also available to clear litter from your gutters to prevent any future damage or downpipe blockages
  • We recommend that gutter protection is fitted to prevent litter from accessing your gutters in the future
  • While carrying out roof repairs it is recommended that the downpipes are checked for blockages

We would suggest that all homes have their gutters cleared of debris regularly and install a gutter protection system. If your gutters and downpipes are struggling in wet weather, chances are, your going to need to make repairs, don’t wait any longer, have these repairs done as soon as possible. If left untendered these small issues could turn into a large roof leak when it is most inconvenient.

Whether you require repairs, replacements or advise on what your home needs Plumbers Queensland are there to assist.