Environmental Solutions

Plumbers Queensland offer a service to ensure that our environment is not harmed through inefficient plumbing and water wastage, whilst maintaining quality workmanship and value for money.

As part of our commitment to sustainable and ethical plumbing to protect the environment, we induct and train our plumbers in accordance to our Environment Policy.

Plumbers Queensland can provide various energy saving and environmentally friendly services and products to suit your needs.

Water Wise Audits

Saving water and trying to avoid the ever increasing water costs will always be on the agenda. Plumbers Queensland can offer a wide range of water saving products such as Flow Regulators to reduce the usage from 20 litres per minute down to as low as 6 liters per minute. Triple A rated shower heads, outlets and toilets.

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Solar Hot Water

Plumbers Queensland’s licenses are endorsed to install solar hot water systems and heat pumps. This is a legal requirement. We supply and install quality Solar split systems (Water Tank at ground level, with Solar Panels on the roof).

Please Note: The water tank and panels as one unit – on the roof carries a lot of weight and could cause structural damage. Plumbers Queensland requires a building certification prior to installation of such units. Solar systems can have a gas booster instead of an electric. Instantaneous units are used.

Heat Pumps (Hot Water)

Options include one tank system with a condenser attached to the tank, or a separate condenser located away from tank. Heat pumps rely on ambient air flow to provide hot water.

Gas Hot Water

  • Gas Hot Water Systems that are wall mounted are instantaneous units.
  • Gas storage systems, domestic and commercial units are available.

Gas Installation, Service and Supply

  • Replacement of hot water units and fixtures.
  • Service, repair and testing of hot water systems and fixtures including lodgement of compliance or defect notices.
  • LPG supply.
  • Tanker refills are available or gas cylinder replacements.
  • Plumbers Queensland have access to a large range of gas appliances to suit your needs.

Our association with Elgas enables Plumbers Queensland to offer LPG users the opportunity to change to Elgas. The benefits for our clients to switch to Elgas, is that a $50.00 credit will appear on your first Elgas account. Elgas also guarantees that they are cheaper than their competitors for refills.


Skylights supply natural, free light to your home during the day. Does your home have a dark hallway or kitchen? You don’t want to have to turn on a light switch during the day, the most cost effective solution is to install a skylight. A skylight will supply you with natural light all day. Our plumbers are qualified to install a skylight in your home and can offer suggestions on placement of the skylight and styles to select.

Water Tanks

Will we have regular rainfall forever? Will we revert back to dry times?

  • If you use large volumes of water in your household, installing a water tank may be a great money saving exercise.
  • Reduce your water bills, install a rain water tank today.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Many size water tanks are available, we guide you and advise a size that will best suit your requirements.
  • If you use a lot of water on your gardens, filling up swimming pools or doing a lot of clothes washing, why not install a large sized tank.

Plumbers Queensland are available to supply a written quote to supply and install a water tank that will suit your families water requirements.

Whirly Birds / Roof Ventilation

Circulate air in your ceiling cavity with no running costs. Installing whirly birds will reduce the heat and moisture in your roof space. This will assist with cooling your home, and can help reduce your power bills.