HOT TIP: Want to check if you have a water leak BEFORE an excessive water bill arrives?

We recommend you complete the following test regularly to ensure you don’t have a leak on your property.
1. After checking for visible leaks from taps, toilets and showers, turn off all taps and take a reading of your water meter .
Don’t use any water for at least one hour (don’t even flush the toilet).
2. Take another reading of your water meter and pay attention to the red numbers and dials.
3. If the dials of the meter continue to turn, or there has been an increase in the readings, you may have a leak.
Toilet Cistern leaks are common and can be easily checked by following these steps:
1. Pour food colouring into the toilet cistern.
2. If colour appears in the toilet bowl before flushing, you have a leak.
3. Flush as soon as the test has been completed as food colouring may stain the cistern.
We recommend that you regularly check for leaks using these simple steps.
Of course, we are here to help if a plumber is required – phone us on 1300 138 022 or go to
If you have had a leak repaired on your property you may be eligible for a one off Concealed Leak Allowance Request. Your application will be assessed in accordance with Unitywater’s Concealed Leaks Policy as a rebate may not be applicable to all customers. Click on link below for more information.