A – Z of Services

Backflow Valves

  • Installation and annual testing
  • Common in commercial buildings
  • Annual testing is required once installed
  • Plumbers Queenslands licences are endorsed to service backflow valves

Backflow valves prevent a common hazard that occurs when the flow of the water from your water supply accidentally reverses direction. It can inadvertently interconnect with a source of pollutants which then enter your water supply. Backflow testing should be an annual service to ensure that you are protected.

Drainage – Stormwater

  • We use a high pressure Jetrodding machine to clear silt, tree roots or other blockages from all sized drains
  • We also use a Drain Camera and Locator to identify and locate damaged drains
  • Our plumbers are highly experienced plumbers and drainers and are able to repair damaged storm water pipes

Is your property flooding or is water ponding with the rain? We have vast experience in designing drainage systems to alleviate these problems. Firstly we will use our equipment to help find the source of the problem, from there we will be able to remove any debris, and design drainage to combat these problems from re-occurring.

Drainage – Sewer / Blocked toilets

  • We use a high pressure Jetrodding machine to clear silt, tree roots or other blockages from all sized drains
  • We also use a Drain Camera and Locator to identify and locate damaged drains
  • Our plumbers are highly experienced plumbers and drainers and are able to repair damaged sewer pipes
  • Expertise to locate and rectify internal blockages and offensive drain odours

Emergency Plumbing Services

Whether you have a plumbing emergency on a weekday, a weekend, a public holiday or after hours, Plumbers Queensland can attend to your plumbing needs promptly.

Having a fleet of 15 vehicles, servicing Gympie to South Brisbane, allows us to respond promptly in an emergency situation.

Please call 0407 787 420 for our emergency plumber, who is available outside of business hours 7 days per week including public holidays.

Gas Installation, Service and Supply

  • Replacement of hot water units and fixtures
  • Service, repair and testing of hot water systems and fixtures including the lodging of compliance certificates or defect notices
  • LPG supply
  • Plumbers Queensland have access to a large range of gas appliances to suit your needs

Gutter Vac

This machine is a Ute mounted wet/dry vacuum powered by 15HP Honda motor. This powerful vacuum allows us to remove any obstructions from your gutter more efficiently! This machine allows us to clear your gutter fast and effectively, opposed to manually cleaning gutters which can be tedious and messy. Safety is also a high priority to us, as such we have ensured our technicians are ‘Working at Heights’ qualified and use high quality safety equipment.

Hot Water System Solutions

Solar Hot Water

  • Plumbers Queensland’s licences are endorsed to install solar hot water systems and heat pumps. This is a legal requirement
  • We supply and install quality Solar split systems (Water Tank at ground level, with Solar Panels on the roof)
  • Please Note: The water tank and panels as one unit on the roof carries a lot of weight and could cause structural damage. Plumbers Queensland requires a building certification prior to installation of such units
  • Please Note: solar systems can have a gas booster instead of an electric booster. Instantaneous units are used

Heat Pumps (Hot Water)

  • Options include one tank system with a condenser attached to the tank, or a separate condenser located away from tank
  • Heat pumps rely on ambient air flow to provide hot water

Gas Hot Water

  • Gas Hot Water Systems that are wall mounted are instantaneous units
  • Gas storage systems, domestic and commercial units are available

Electric Hot Water

When it comes to Hot Water solutions for your home, Plumbers Queensland can advise which option will best suit your household and it will be in-line with legal requirements. We lodge Council applications on your behalf, and will manage the installation with other trades as required.


  • Plumbers Queensland are available to renovate your bathroom, kitchen or laundry
  • Why not revive your seventies style bathroom, this could be as easy as putting in some new tap ware and a modern vanity, or the entire bathroom can be renovated
  • Give your kitchen a face-lift – install a new stainless steel gas oven, a new sink with a modern look and modern flick mixers

Plumbers Queensland will project manage your renovation, we will manage other trades to assist with electrical and carpentry works and we ensure that all of our sub-contractors are licensed and BSA registered.

If you would like to discuss renovating your kitchen, bathroom or laundry, call Plumbers Queensland. We are happy to provide a written quote, which will outline the costs involved with upgrading your kitchen, bathrooms, ensuite, toilets and yes, the laundry.

Roofing and Guttering

  • Locating roof leaks can be difficult, especially for inexperienced tradesmen. Roof leaks can occur in one spot and travel along a batten or truss and drop onto the ceiling meters away. Once the roof leak has been located the temptation for many is to “bog up” the problem with silicone, this method will only be a temporary solution
  • Gutters should not hold water, this is an indication that the downpipes are blocked or the gutter does not fall to the downpipes. If this is left for the long term it causes the gutter to rust through. In the event that the gutter needs replacing, the brackets must be removed and re-lined
  • Plumbers Queensland have qualified staff, who are able to replace or repair any section of your roof or guttering as required
  • We are also available to clear litter from your gutters to prevent any future damage or downpipe blockages
  • We recommend that gutter protection is fitted to prevent litter from accessing your gutters in the future
  • While carrying out roof repairs it is recommended that the downpipes are checked for blockages

Whether you require repairs, replacements or advise on what your home needs Plumbers Queensland are there to assist. We would suggest that all homes have their gutters cleared of debris regularly and install a gutter protection system. If your gutters and downpipes are struggling in wet weather, chances are, your going to need to make repairs, don’t wait any longer, have these repairs done as soon as possible. If left untendered these small issues could turn into a large roof leak when it is most inconvenient.


  • Shower leaks can be located and repaired
  • Shower roses (shower heads) replaced
  • Showers tap ware replaced
  • Water proof testing is available

When it comes to shower repairs or upgrades, Plumbers Queensland has it covered. We can replace shower roses, tap ware and check for any water leaks that could cause structural damage if left untended.


• Skylights supply natural, free light to your home during the day

Does your home have a dark hallway or kitchen? You don’t want to have to turn on a light switch during the day, the most cost effective solution is to install a skylight. A skylight will supply you with natural light all day. Our plumbers are qualified to install a skylight in your home and can offer suggestions on placement of the skylight and styles to select.

Taps and Tapware Solutions

  • We are available to repair or replace any tap ware
  • Standard tap ware is a “Jumper Valve” which needs occasional servicing. Servicing includes, a re-seat, re- washer, new ‘o’ rings. The difference between a qualified plumber and a handyman carrying out such servicing is a handyman generally only changes the washers
  • Ceramic disc taps have a smooth easy function, this is ideal for sufferers of arthritic hands
  • “Flick mixers” (single lever mixers) are ideal for basins and sinks
  • The majority of mixers have a replaceable cartridge

If you have a leaking tap, call us, and we will come and fix the leak for you any time, day or night. Plumbers Queensland can service your taps or replace your leaking taps with new and modern tapware.

Thermostatic Mixing Valves (TMVs)

  • Installation and annual testing
  • TMVs are found commonly in child care and age care facilities
  • Thermostatic Mixing Valves control the hot water temperature to prevent hot water from scalding your loved ones
  • Plumbers Queensland’s licences are endorsed to service Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Commonly found in care facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes, these valves reduce and control the temperature of hot water to prevent scolding and by law need to be serviced annually to ensure that they are operating correctly.


  • We are available to repair, or unblock any toilet suite

Our plumbers will assess a toilet to see if part replacement is an option, if this is not going to fix your toilet we can offer a quote to replace the toilet suite.

Water Wise Audits

Saving water and trying to avoid the ever increasing water costs will always be on the agenda

Plumbers Queensland can offer a wide range of water saving products such as Flow Regulators to reduce the usage from 20 litres per minute down to as low as 6 liters per minute. Triple A rated shower heads, outlets and toilets. Book a free ‘Water Wise’ Audit at your home today.

Water Tanks
  • Will we have regular rainfall forever?
  • Will we revert back to dry times?
  • If you use large volumes of water in your household, installing a water tank may be a great money saving exercise
  • Reduce your water bills, install a rain water tank today
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Many size water tanks are available, we guide you and advise a size that will best suit your requirements
  • If you use a lot of water on your gardens, filling up swimming pools or doing a lot of clothes washing, why not install a large sized tank

Plumbers Queensland are available to supply a written quote to supply and install a water tank that will suit your families water requirements.

Water Meters / Sub Metering

  • Are you sharing a water meter with your neighbours? If you answered yes, there is a great chance that you are paying for their water usage.
  • In some residential units and duplexes you will find that there is only one water meter installed for the entire property.
  • Plumbers Queensland can install a sub meter, this will ensure you are only paying for the water usage in your residence.
  • We can supply written quotes for submitting to Body Corporate board meetings.

Water bills is on everyone’s lips at the moment, since water prices are increasing with most local Council’s across Queensland. Did you know that if you are living in a unit complex or a duplex, that you may be sharing a water meter with your neighbours? If you are in fact sharing a water meter, you could be paying a great share of their water bill. The solution to this problem is to install a ‘Sub Meter’, this will break down the water consumption for your residence, opposed to all residents at the property. Plumbers Queensland are happy to supply a written quote to install water meters and sub meters.

Whirly Birds / Roof Ventilation

  • Circulate air in your ceiling cavity with no running costs

Installing whirly birds will reduce the heat and moisture in your roof space. This will assist with cooling your home, and can help reduce your power bills.